Atigrado Acres Spanish Jennet (Tiger) Stallions:

Paso Fino NSFHA Foal Gallery
Spanish Jennet Foal Gallery
Standing Ovation AA
SJHS Reg#38
Encore AA
SJHS Reg#39
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Photo 10-19-06
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Spanish Jennet / Tiger Horse / Walkaloosa Stallion
SJHS Reg#40

Photo 11/12/07
Dream Catcher AA
SJHS and WHA Stallion

This young stallion has his first offspring due in 2007. He is large, well gaited and is a real "people person"! We expect to see the same in his get.


Photo 6-16-10
"Chip" is wet in photo

HRH Above and Beyond
Spanish Jennet / Tiger Horse Colt

This young stallion has his first offspring due in 2011.

As is obvious by their Pedigree, the two of the stallions above are very closely related. Mother and Daughter were bred to the same stallion to produce these fine boys. Lp pattern horses that display an intermediate gait other than the trot can be registered in more than one registry. Although we are concentrating our efforts at Atigrado Acres on the Spanish Jennet style of horse, these stallions can be bred to lp pattern mares or gaited mares of origins other than Paso to produce offspring potentially eligible for registration as "Tiger Horses" with two different registries and the Walkaloosa Registry.

Atigrado Acres breeding goals (and results) include:

  • Natural strong gait
  • Exotic coat patterns
  • Distinctive Paso like conformation
  • Mature Height from 14.2 to 15.2 hh
Color Production





5 year old mammoth jack, snow white with black and white and mottled skin. Patton is probably the easiest stud to get along with, that I've ever seen. Super easy to trim, catch and loves to be scratched.  Patton's mother was a pinto, so we do have possibilities of getting color from colored mares.  Rides and drives, although we have never done so.  In hand is a complete gentleman!

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Paso Fino / NASHA #0730 Colt
DOB April 03, 2004
Will begin breeding in 2010.
Puttin' on the Ritz AA
SJHS Reg#154
WHA# 0607

Photo 7-20-10
4 years old
Jazzman AA
SJHS Reg#153
WHA# 0608

Photo 3-3-09
32 months old


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