Spanish Jennet / Tiger Horse Filly
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Encore AA  x  Fairwinds Mirada


Ruby AA
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Named after the Gem Ruby.

Ruby belongs to the category of the costly gemstones. It is a red colored gemstone. Wearer of the unblemished ruby enjoys wealth and property and is blessed with children. He becomes fearless, and is protected from afflictions, sorrow and disasters. He becomes virile and his will power and spirit is strengthened. He occupies a respected position in the society.

It is the chosen stone of Leaders, Kings and Priests for its ability to guide and help make wise and noble decisions.

It is said that the power of Ruby is in its encouragement to follow your dreams and your bliss, helping you to change your world.   Ruby will bring light to the dark places in ones life, bringing a spark of awareness to those places where you might still need work, and giving you the opportunity to clear that path. Ruby also heightens our love for life, giving us motivation and inspiration to choose wisely for ourselves and others.

9-29-05 3 hours old
10-13-05 2 weeks old 10-13-05 2 weeks old


Sire Encore AA

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Located in Waynesboro GA


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